AGRO IT Solutions

SIAGRI: Agrícola


  • Budget planning units to work, necessary resources (men, machines, materials, tools) and monetary.
  • Weekly planifications to generate Work Orders. Calculation to perform feasibility with available resources.
  • Resource allocation according to productivity and quality.
  • Time recording of machines, labor and materials. The records are given by rules sets by the user.
  • Calculation of efficiency related to the machines utilization. Stop control of machines and implements.
  • Irrigation: Hybrid Balance, Irrigation Records, Infrastructure Control, Costs.
  • Labor and Raw Material costs ( sugar cane, palm ). Cost per Ha, Labor, Luck, and many others factors.
  • Follow Plan – Real.
  • Nursery/Seed control ( traceability ). Costs of the seed production.
  • Control of Allocation and Durability for tools.

Agronomic Control

  • Pest, Weed and Disease records.
  • Program and control of the agronomic view.
  • Analisys Records ( soil, foliar, etc. )
  • Weather Records ( precipitation, temperatures, etc. )
  • Quality evaluation about the workers ( optional )
  • Control of Lost Plants ( motives and amount )
Harvest Planning
  • Programming and Analysis sampling preharvest.
  • Harvest program based on age.
  • Harvest program based on cicles.
  • Programming based on maturation curves of the samples ( linear programming model with two objectives.
  •   1-Max pol in sugar cane
  •   2- Max contribution margin.
  • Application programming ripeners.

Scale/ Quality Control

  • Weight control and the quality of the Raw Material received.
  • All employees who worked in the harvest receive an invoice.
  • Control Collection Center.
  • Finished products weight ( sugar, alcohol, olive oil, others ).
  • Receive products weight ( inputs, others ).
  • Flow control of the vehicles inside the plantation.
  • Possibility of use of scales neglected.

GIS:Geographic Information System

  • Allow you to visualize through a map ALL the information that is register in the agriculture system in a level of plot.
  • The user can create subtitles.
  • Creation of thematics colorful maps
  • Import maps in DXF, DWG ( AtoCAD ) or SHP ( ESRI shape )
  • Basics functions, such as zoom in, zoom out, print, and others.
COPFROTA: Harvest Logistic


  • Plan of the daily sugar cane transportation.
  • Using a mathematics model of linear programming, we can optimaze the transportations by minimizing the costs.
  • Accompanying Virtual positioning of the transport fleet and fronts harvest.
  • Allocation Table machinery ( trucks, combines, tractors and collators ).
  • Recommendation of the best destiny for the truck that is leaving, based in the minimum time spent and the sugar cane stock desire by the company.
  • Geolocalization using GPS and controls with Geofence definition.
  • Mill projection.
  • Drift analysis with respect to the planned destination.
SIFROTA: Fleet Maintenance


  • Planning and control of the preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance.
  • Service Orders.
  • Service appointment.
  • Records of Labor, Materials, Parts, Lubricants, Filters anda others.
  • Third party services control.
  • TOTAL cost of the maintenance.
  • Apportionments of materials commonly used in the workshop.
  • Tires control ( rotation, traceability, pressure measurement, etc. ).
  • Warranty control.
  • Supply control.
  • Tools control.
  • Lubricants analysis lab.
  • Cost Consolidation for BIOSALC solution.  The implementation and machines costs are prorated by where and how many hours the machine worked.
SIMAN: Industrial Maintenance


  • Planification and control of preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance.
  • Maintenance Cost.
  • Lubricans Plans.
  • Revision Plans.
  • Intervencions Plans.
  • Maintenance Cost.
  • Tools Control.
  • Vibration analysis plans.
  • Lubricans Analysis lab.
  • Projects control ( like MS-Project ).
  • HandHeld use for lubricans, revision, order solicitation and eletric predictive rutes.
  • Guarantees Control.
  • Accompaniment maintenance from the world’s leading management indicators.
  • Service orders generation by multiple sources: automatic, handheld, solicitation, etc.
  • External maintenance control (quality, delivery times, contacts, costs, etc.).
  • Generating programs scheduled stops (eg: between harvests).
SIGIND: Industrial Management


  • Industrial Management and Automation Laboratory.
  • Control and Classification of Sugar and Alcohol Production.
  • Brix curves construction of tandem and evaporators.
  • Emission of quality certificates.
  • Industrial Stops Control.
  • Calculations of efficiencies, yields and many other indicators.
  • Management Reports.
  • SPC: Statistical Process Control.
  • Traceability of Production to the origin of the raw material.
  • Mass and energy balances.
  • Link with supervisory systems.
  • Live VISUAL Management of the industry from managerial limits and automated messaging alerts (optional SMS).
  •  Integrated solution for the Agricultural BIOSALC take quality information and send cane production yields for settlement provider system.
SICAP: Contracts
  • Total commitment with the following contracts:
  • – Land Lease
  • – Raw Material Supplier
  • – Service Providers
  • – Bank Guarantees
  • Bank account control of the supplier.
  • Settlement services by criteria rates and work units contracted
SIPEC: Livestock


  • Animal Master.
  • Event Master.
  • Group of Animals (lots).
  • Shopping.
  • Birth.
  • Crossing.
  • Breastfeed.
  • Castrations.
  • Occurrences (diseases, immunizations).
  • Calendar of Events.
  • Alimentation.
  • Geographic movimentation of the lots.
  • Sales.
  • Deaths.
  • Milk Production.
  • Contribution Margin.
  • Management Indicators. 
biosalc mobile
  • 3 layer technology interface for PDA / Database.
  • Capturing information using 100% configurable screens.
  • Estimates Typing.
  • Type Pluviometric and Climatic Data.
  • Fingering Control agronomic (pests, diseases, evaluation of work, field visits) with georeferenced information and photos associated.
  • Check multiple management reports (fixed).
  • Consult reports made with our report generator (BIOSReport) using a WebService developed for this purpose.
  • Consult agricultural information using visualization and navigation maps (Google Maps).
  • Knowing the state of the HelpDesk and main indicators.
  • System available in Google Play and Apple Store.
  • The system in Windows Mobile supports only capture information using configurable displays.